Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Buy Moon

Crested Butte, CO. This is the place dreams are made of. We arrived in a very quaint dreamy mountain town where children's stories are written under blankets of stars and creamy milky ways. A sense of nostalgia and sweet innocence is evoked as kids play hide and seek with friends on their way to their slumber party while parents patiently wait to cross the street with adorable gaggle. The night air was crisp as we drank hot chocolate drinks during our walk down the historic Western street to our grande lodge where we slumbered in comfort. At the break of dawn the mountains arose and beckoned us to play through the  white icing and golden aspen trees. Well Alan was the one who played in the mountains. Mr. PJ and I walked through the neighborhoods and made wishes as we walked passed the little wooden homes. The locals were actually quite shocked to see the muddy mountain bike return to town from someone who was from Florida. 

Well it was very difficult to leave this town. It really captured our hearts and will forever be with us in our dreams. We contemplated finding rentals as we hadn't yet locked down our rental in Seattle. This is another long story. In the end we rationalized and packed up our bags. 

Good buy moon, good buy starlight. 

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